Ariel is a mermaid princess who is obessed with humans and is formerly a human and is currently a mermaid she has retained her powers and is permanetly turned into a polyp and owned by Ursula when Ariel went to Ursula she made a deal with Ursula that before the third days sunset she will have to get a kiss from prince Eric but when she tried to kiss him the sunset began and she turned back into a mermaid and Ursula grabbed her when the third days sunset her time was up and Ursula took her and then when they got to her mythical beast skeleton home she put Ariel in her garden all the polyps grabbed all of ariel's body parts including her tail and arm then when Ursula made her hand into a fist she then turned Ariel permanetly into a polyp and Ariel is currently owned by Ursula then Ursula withers ariel's sisters and the h20 gang and Gabriel the deaf mute Latina mermaid down into polyps then Ursula turns Daphne Blake into a mermaid and turns Daphne permanetly into a polyp and Daphne is currently a poylp Ursula owns all the mermaids in the world and all merfolk kingdoms and all the oceans.