Armorer name: Agata Hakon History: he was born in Stokholm, Sweedin and and when he was 16 he mutant powers manufiested giving him 100,000 inch thick statue armor, superhuman strength, durability ,stamina, speed, vast weight and tremendous height current member of the great lake avengers and young avengers. height: 6"8 feet( in human form) 9"10 feet( in Statue from) weight: 597 lbs( in human form) 9,998 lbs( in powers: Organic Statue Transformation: Hakon Primary and main ability is to transform into a virtually indestructible being of pure invulnerable statue. He can stay a Statue indefinetly without having to turn back into his human. this statue form gives him vast weight, tremendous height,vast strengh,stamina, speed and durability and retains his mobility. superhuman strength: he posses utterly, completely and entirely vast strength which the full extent is unkown. when he was a teenager he could only lift 99 tons and didn't have the strength he had today but now he is a fully grown adult and has the strength to easily lift up in excess of 100 tons. superhuman stamina: he posses completely,entirely and utterly limitless stamina and is inexuastible and unable to tire. superhuman durability: his armor is made out of statue granite and is entierly, utterly and completely virtually indestructible. his armor is capable of withstanding extrodinarliy balistic penetration ,including that of a baliastic missile. he is capable of withstanding temperature extremes from 87 degrees 999 to degrees absolute below zero( 399 degrees farenheight) to approximately 999'000 farenheight. his armor can withstand a colosion with a 97 feet train coming in at warp speed or a explosion of 999 tnt. he is also capable of withstanding pressure extremes, falls from tremendous heights, rocket launchers, anti-tank weaponry, tank missiles, 987 howerwitzer shells, torpedoes, highly powerful energy blasts, tremendous impact force like blows with the likes of gladiator and champion of the universe, incredibly powerful lasers, sonic attacks, the vaccums of space, gunfire and a slash from wolverine without sustaning injury.