Comic vine Armorer Name: Agata Hakon History: current member of the young avengers and west coast avengers. 6"8 feet( in human form) 9"10( in statue form) weight: 597( in human form) 9,998 lbs( in statue form) powers: Organic Statue Transformation: he is capable of transforming into a statue and stay that way indefinetely and can even change one of his body part into statue granite. superhuman strength: he posses vast strength which how much he can lift unkown he was seen lifting a thousand tons with ease and shown carrying a Million tons over his back effortlessly and has been observed holding a billion tons with ease and has done various performances of strength such as overpower Juggernaut and render him unocncious with a single blows, easily defeat hercules, matching hulk's strength, stalemating gladiator, match copper man's, easily carry avengers tower over his back, defeating nova with ease and knocking she-hulk out in combat his strength easily rivals the likes of Blue Marvel, Gladiator, Hercules, Juggernaut, sentry, hulk and even thor. Superhuman stamina: he posses limitless stamina and is unable to tire. Superhuman durability: because his armor is virtually indestuctible nothing can harm him he is capable of withstanding missiles, temperature and pressure extremes, anti-tank weapons, falls from incredible heights, howerwitzer shells, space, incredibly powerful and high energy beams, being slashed from wolverine and TNT explosions without sustaning injury. His armor is able to survive balistic impacts and a colisions with vehicles such as including a tank on fire coming at 100,000,000,000 miles per hour or a 99 foot long train carrying with 10,000,000 carts carrying 87,000,000,000 bllion pounds of fireworks and dynamite going at warp speed on fire with no scraches. He is able to shrug off a collection of blows from the strongest heroes such as including Hercules, gladiator, hulk, blue marvel, sentry, abomination, wonder man, colossus, copper man, thanos, she-hulk, Ajax, fin fang foom, dragon man and skaar easily and withstand numerous hits from thors hammer with ease. He is able to withstand high caliber bullets from all types of guns with no injury and survive all even the highest and most powerful lasers with no injury.