Comic vine Senator Sky: name: Murphy Collins> History: currnet member of the Mighty avengers and Young avengers. Powers: he has Hulk like strength making him one of the strongest people in the world as he was able to defeat the likes of hulk and overpower hercules with ease his stamina allows him to fight gladiator for years without tiring that means is stamina is virtually limitless and inexchasutible and is also shown to fight thor for about 69 weeks and then fight champion of the universe for about 99 years he is reisitant to most and alomst all and every form of injury and has shown with withstanding exploive material and weapons, falls from orbital heights, balistic impact forces, heat and cold extremes down to 388 degrees farenheight and up to 99,000 degress farenheight, exposure to pressure that is extremely high from 1 to 999,00 lbs sqaure inch, blasts from the likes of silver surfer and blastaar, expousre to the temperature and pressure and rigors of space and even all types of missiles inlcuding such as thoose like anti-tank and balistic missiles without sustaning injury inspite of that it might be possible for him to take injury at a really super high level however he has a healing factor that can make him heal instanesouly without dying he has tremendous and incredible speed, reflexes and agility that makes him runn, fly and think faster than light and faster than warp speed and he can easily catch rockets and dodge torpedoes. Height: 8"9 feet weight: 8,987 lbs. eyes: green Hair: Blond.