Copper man Name:Dale Skip height: 6"9( in human form) 7"8( in copper form) Weight: 360 lbs( in human form) 990( in copper form) history: current member of the thunderbolts. Personality: he is always known as a remarkably happy-go-lucky, optimistic, talkative, sunny, positive, friendly, silly and humerous hero with an extraordinarily gigantic heart however there are numerous to unlimited negative traits that make him an anti-hero duch such as unusual vanity, arrogance, rudeness, deviousness, greed, overconfindence, stubborness, hotheadedness, mischievousness and impulsiveness however he quickly realizes his mistakes and accidents and then apologizes for them. Powers: Invulnerability: his armor is virtually indestructible and impenetrable as well as truly unbreakable. he was capable of withstanding extremely massive to unbelievably gigantic punches and blows from the likes of hulk, orka, j2, rhino, captain britain, titania, sentry, blue marvel, earth lord, gladiator and nova as well as being repeaditly numerous to infinite times from thor's hammer and captain america's shield without the slightest injury. his amored has survived plunging out and in the earth's atmospehere and showed no dense. he was also had shruged off a train with 100,00,00 charts carrying fieworks on fire going warp speed and a explosion of 10,000,000 tons of TNT and survived without brutal damage. his is proved to endure and easily survive in an enivorment such as the airlessness of space or the surface of the ocean without any strach. his armor has been able to withstand a nuclear explosion and even a levaflow without showning any major bruises. he has been able to take an engery blast from cyclops at full power and withstand multiple to numerous energy attacks from silver surfer and the destroyer with no visible scars. his armor is capable of withstanding heavy weapons fire, balistic missiles, falls from orbital heights, extremes in pressures and temperature, vast bolts of lightining, magic spells and attacks, extremely powerful energy beams, highly blunt impact force blows from the likes of onslaught and beta ray bill, mighty lasers, high caliber gunfire, a sonic scream from black bolt at full power, torpedoes, anti-tank weapons and exposure to outer space. Superhuman Strength: he posses in excess of 100 tons class strength and is one of the strongest and mightiest being in the marvel universe. he has overmatched hercules in combat as well as subdue him. he has been able to overpower wonder man in his adventures. he was capable of defeating the likes of hulk and even draw blood from him even his Nul from and was even cspsble of defeating and rendering him unconscious and harmed him as one of the worthy as well. he has also overpowered and gave extreme to incredible injury to Kuurth and render him unconscious. and has defated the rest of the worthy.