Copper man name: Dale skip history: his mutant powers developed when he was 14 current member of the thunderbolts .height: 6"9 feet( in normal form)7'8 ( in copper form) feet weight:360 lbs( in human form )990 lbs( in copper form) powers: copper transformation: he can transform into his nigh-indestructible organic copper thus gaining him increased strength, stamina, durability height and weight he retains his mobility, he can stay in his copper form for numerous months and can change any of his body parts into organic copper for example he can change his arm into copper easily. superhuman strength: he pooses completely and turly god-like strength making One teh strongest being I. The world. superhuman stamina: he can go for several months without tiring. superhuman durability: his armor is extraordinarily resistant to injury and capable of withstanding great impact forces such as being strucked by juggernaut and Hercules , Assualt rifle and shotgun firing, high caliber machine gun shells, anti-tank weaponry, high energy blasts, temperature and pressure extremes, falls from tremendous heights,powerful lasers and nuclear attacks without sustaining injury. he does not need food, air or water to survive indefinitely and can survive in space indefinitely.