Coragous man name: Chad Zirro history: his mutant powers devolped when he was 13 years old currnet member of x-club and mighty height: 6 feet weight: 289 lbs powers: superhuman strength: he posses vast strength to lift in excess of 100 ton very easily and done numerous feats of strength such as lifting up the statue of liberty, dominating she-hulk, overpowering Hercules, knock out thor in physical combat, stalemate wonder man, match juggernauts strength, lift a cruiseliner, tower the body of texas back to its, render Fin fang Fomm unconsicous with a single blow, send Hulk flying from Minasota to Mexio with a single strike, defeat the likes of Abomination in combat and defeated Ulitmate juggernaut in combat. supehuman stamina: he can go for numerous weeks. superhuman Durability: his has a very impervious body that allows it to not sustain any damage his body was able for him to withstand blows from sentry, Hercules, colossus, juggernaut and the hulk and other powerful beings such as namor, titania, thing, ms.marvel, Gladiator, Captain britain, thor and blue marvel unharmed his body was able to endure direct numerous nuclear explosions without getting harmed his body has withstood the impact of a billion nuclear warhead unsctached without any bruises easliy. his body is capable of withstanding penetration wounds from all even the most advanced and powerfulest weapons. his body is capable of withstanding the pressure of both a star and a black hole without suffering. he has endured going supernovas and stars unharmed without being killed. his body is able to withstand the temperature of a sun easily without even the tiny damage and can survive in the heart of a sun. his body is capable of withstanding powerful energy blasts from the like of even odin or galatagus, falls from orbital heights, tempeture extremes likr the heat of a star and treamdous impact forces without injury. he was capable of withstanding attacks from glactagus and a blast from odin unharmed easily and thus he is nigh-invunrable. superhuman speed: he is capable of running at warp speed easily and casn be shown catching missiles or dodging torpedoes easily. superhuman reflexes: he is capable of catching bullets. superhuman agility: his agility is greater than the finest human athlete. regneritive healing factor: he is capable of regenrating instanously easily. flight: he can fly faster than light.