Daring guy name: Henrick Cade Height: 6"4 feet weight: 328 lbs history:his mutant power deveoloped whem he was 15 years old current member of the Thunderbolts and x-force. powers: superhuman strength:he posses vast strength with vast levels showing that he can lift in excess of 100 tons with ease examples of his feats os strength showing how much he can lift are matching juggernauts strength, moving the island of Madagascar back into place, lifting up the brokylen bridge, easily dominating captain britain, supporting the weight of mt.saint helens, overpowering Hercules, rendering nova unconsicous with a single blow, stalemating hulk, knock out Wendigo easily and sending wonder man flying From Detroit to FRance with a single punch his strength rivals that of Hulks and Juggernauts and even Hercules. superhuman stamina: he can go for several days without tiring. superhuman speed: he can run at march 9. superhuman agility: his agility is freater than the finest human reflexes. superhuman Durability: his body is highly resistant to all forms of injury. he is capable of withstanding powerful high concussive energy blasts, Falls from Treamdous heights, Anti-tank weaponry, exposure to temperature extremes as hot as a sun and as cold as the cold of space, mega high pressure extremes, High machine gun calibar shells, high calibar bullets and Treamdous impact forces such as being repeadetly hit by powerhouses so powerful such as HUlk and Juggernaut and getting repeadetly strucked again and again by thor's hammer numerous times without sustaning injury. he is able to survive in an incredibly harsh enviorment such as space making him extremley Durable chracter. Regneritive healing factor: despite his skin's hard to injure and body's resistance to all forms of injury it is possible to injure him however he has a healing factor that allows him to heal instanously without dying for example bullseye sliced him in half and then cut bout his eyes, ears, nose and mouth and cut aal of his limbs off he was able to heal instanly for a second and when cyclops peeled off all his skin layers with one of his blast he was able to regrow them back easily.