Hippo name: Jerrioum Vonalder history: mutant powers devolped at age 13 years old current member of the x-men and mighty avengers. height: 13 feet weight: 821 lbs.eyes: yellow hair: none unusual features: great size and bulk, appearance looks like a hippo except with normal face, feet, hands, arms amd body Powers: mutant phisology: when his power emerged he gained great physical strength, stamina and durability as well as increased weight and height and a appearance and treamdous speed. reflexes and agility. superhuman strength: he possses tremendous strength to lift in excess of 100 tons very easily it was shown to when he was a teenager his strength level not song as he is an adult today and that he can lift 89 tons easily and 99 tons roughly but since he is an adult his strength is now limitless and has done such feats such as overpower colossus, knocked out juggernaut, stalemated rockslide, matched Hercules strength, rendered hyperion unconcious with a blow, send Abomination flying from Washington d.c. to Florida with a single punch, matching wonder man's strength, take down hulk without a fight, stalemated she-hulk in a arm wrestling match, knocking out titania, towering the island of Mexico, lifting the leaning tower of pisa and overpower orka his strength rivals that of Hercules, Thor's and the hulks easily. superhuman stamina: at his peak he can go for at least several days without tiring. superhuman speed: despite his treamdous mass and great size he is capable of running up to march 99 and to in excess of warp speed easily. superhuman reflexes: he has incredibly fast reflexes to catch projectiles such as howitzer shells or missiles easily. superhuman agility: he is able to dodge cannonballs and avade bullets easily. superhuman durability: his body is more resistant to damage and is resistant against and to all types of major injuries. his blubber increases his durability even further. he can withstand tremedous impact forces blows from the likes of Hulk and Hercules, high caliber bullets, falls from incredible heights, exposure to incredibly high extreme levels of heat and cold, high caliber machine gun shells, high energy blasts, anti-tank weapons and even ballistic missiles without sustaining injury. his thick rawhide also allows him to sustain rockets, torpedoes and missiles easily without any damage.