Copper man

Name: Dale skip

History: is in the thunderbolts program currently. teams: thunderbolts,formerly the new avengers, mighty avengers, avengers, x-men, x-force, masters of evil, brotherhood of evil mutants, alycoytes, west coast avengers, secret avengers, great lake avengers, force works and Shield.

height: 6"5 feet( in human form)

       9"10 feet( in copper form)

Weight: 360 lbs( in human form)

       9,999 lbs( in copper form)

Hair: red

Eyes: yellow( in human form)

     Diamond( in copper form)

Powers: he can transform into a being made out of copper instantaneously and can even transform any of his body parts into organic steel and can stay in his copper form indefinitely he can lift in excess of 100 tons in his copper form and has incredible and extraordinary stamina because his armor is nigh-indestructible the armor is capable of withstanding nuclear attacks, ballistic penetration, falls from tremendous heights, exposure to extremes in pressure and temperature, high energy blasts, powerful lasers, mighty impact force blows such as from the likes of abomination and she-hulk and the rigors of space without sustaining injury and can survive indefinitely without food,water or air.