Mermaid tails are what subistute legs for mermaids they come in Any different colors like red, blue, pink, purple, orange, green, pink, brown, yellow, goldenrod and other colors but when the mermaids turn into polyps they become tailess and have no tails mermaid tails look like fish tails but only bigger and they have fins and they also have thoose circly things on them they also come with seashell bra's which are known to be on mermaids since they were babies Like the tail they are also in any different colors like blue, red, orange, purple, pink, goldenrod, green, brown and yellow but when mermaids turn into polyps the seashell bras dissapear and they appear in ursula's Mermaid bikini collection seashell bra's are the only thing what mermaids wear breats and when mermaids are polyps thier breats dissapear.