name: Harry smithdigger History:gained mutant powers when he was 15 current member of the x-men,x-force and new avengers  . height: 6"7 weight: 996. powers:this a result of mutation. Bumpy and rough Orange rock body with purple spots: his body is exdeeingly bumpy and unbelieavbly rough making it completely, entirely and truly impossible to harm or injure  Superhuman strength: he posses unlimited stregnth to lift in excess of 100 tons with ease. this makes him one of the strongest beings in the marvel universe. thanks to his strength he has done many highly tremendous performances of stregnth such as over-power beta ray bill, stalemate hercules to a standstill, defeated hulk, knocked out nova, outmatched wonder man, lifted IT the living colossus in it's orginal from and threw him back, subdued dragon man, macthing silver surfer's strength and dominating both juggernaut and colossus. his strength rivals that of ultimate colossus, gladiator, king hyperion and thor.  Invulnerability: Harry's extraordinarily bumpy and incredibly rough body  is extremely resistant to all forms of injury and has proven to shrug off extremely devasting impact hits from the likes of gladiator and thanos, magnificent extremes in pressure, really great and very intense energy blats, anti-tank weaponry, falling from millions to trillions of feet, temperature extremes as hot as 999,999 degrees farenheight to as cold as 399 degress farenheight, immense amounts of electicity, machine gun caliber shells, powerful lasers, eletric shocks, balistic missiles and extreme to unbelievable exposure to the rigors of space without injury. his body is shown to endure an expolsion of 999 tnt or a colision with a tank on fire going 100,000,00 miles per hour and is also to remain unharmed from a slash from wolverine. Superhuman stamina: he posses grand to even amazing stamina and it is proven to be unlimited as he is incapable of tiring out and