Rockey Road name: Smith Pablo Lou history: mutant powers developed when he was 16 years old current member of the secret warriors. height: 6"4 feet weight: 587 lbs. eyes: green. hair: none. powers: mutant rock physiology: his body is made out of rocks and stones making his body incredibly gaining him increased strength, stamina and durability as well as a healing factor. Superhuman strength: he posses very tremendous strength to lift in excess of 100 tons easily such as lift extrodinarly gimormous buildings with ease and done a-lot of amazing feats of strength such as knock hulk out with ease, effortlessly defeat Hercules in combat, easily overpower juggernaut, stalemating wonder man, send She-hulk flying from Arizona to Canada, match champion of the universe's strength and render thing unconcious with ease. superhuman stamina: he has virtually vast stamina which is also in his brain allowing his brain to without sleep. superhuman durability: his body is extremely and highly resistant to all forms of injury. his skin is able to withstand Falls from tremendous heights, high machine gun caliber shells, Anti-tank weaponry, Temperature extremes down to 276 degrees farenheight and up to 99,000 degrees farenheight, exposure to extreme presure, high energy blasts and tremendous impact force blows from the likes of Hulk and skaar.