Roguh man name: Klaus Hoveruns History: German born Mutant whoose power manufiested when he was 14 years old current member of sword and x-force. Height: 6"8 feet weight: 499. powers: superhuman strength: he is capable to lift 97 tons. superhuman stamina: he can go for at least several days without tiring. superhuman speed: he is capable of running at 987,000 miles.superhuman durability: his skin is highly resistant to all forms of both conventional and physical injruy. his body is capable of withstanding machine gun caliber shells, balistic impact forces, falls from treamdous hieghts, tempeature extremes as high as 999,000 degress farenhieght and as low as 399 degrees farenhieght and pressure extremes from 1 to 999,000 lbs per sqaure inch, anti-tank weaponry, 999.caliber gunfire and extremley powerful concussive blasts without sustaning injury. he can go for months withour air, water or food. he can also endure the conditions of space for several years. superhuman agility: his agility is better than the finest human athlete. superhuman reflexes: his reflexes are greater than the finest human athlete. regneritive healing factor: despite his skins near-invunerable resistance to injury it is possible to injure him however he has a healing factor that allows him to even regrow missing limbs and organs.