Sergant Brave name: Conner Marzer. History: his mutant powers manufieted when he was 14 years old current member of the Howling commandos. Powers: superhuman strength: he posses tremendous strength to lift up 59 tons easily. Superhuman stamina: He can go for several days. Superhuman Speed: he is really and incredibly fast to run up extrodinary high speeds. superhuman agility: his agility is better than the finest human athlete. Superhuman reflexes: His reflexes are better than finest human athlete. superhuman Durability: His Body is highly resistant to injury although it might be possible to injure him. his skin can withstand Falls From tremendous heights, Anti-tank weaponry, Temperature extremes as low as 297 degrees Farenheight and up to 999,000 degrees farenheight, exposure to extremes of pressure, high energy blasts, great impact forces and machine gun caliber shells without sustaning injury. he body is allowed to go for months withouut food, water or air and can survive in space for about 15 years. Regenerative healing factor: Despite his skins Incredible injury resistance it is possible to injure him however he has a healing factor that allows him to heal even missing limbs and organs.