Thunderbolt files copper man name: Dale skip history: current member of the thunderbolts height: 5"9( in human form) 7"8( in copper form) weight: 360 lbs( in human form) 990 lbs( in copper form) powers: superhuman strenght: his strength is so vast that he once send hulk flying from Californa to Rhode Isand with a single hit and was able to match the strength of hercules easily without a sweat and has towerd the island of Japan back into its orginal state and even took down juggernaut without a fight his strength rivals juggernauts, hercules and the hulks. superhuman stamina: he is capable of going for months without tiring. superhuman Durability: his armor is realy hard to injure and is shoen capable of surving Anti-tank weapons to nuclear atacks such as balistic missiles and 800 megaton explosions without damged and in one issue he has survived a nuclear explosion at ground zero and has withstood various balistic missiles. he can endure temperatures up to mega hot and downto sub-zero such as in fantastic four vs thunderbolts the human torch shoot flames at 789,000 degrees farenheight and Dale endured without any injury and has once been frozen by iceman but did not shiver. he can withstand incredibly and extrodinarily powerful energy blasts without any major tissue damage and has survived a blast from the sentinel near point blank and has withstood a blast from havok at full strength without major scars. he can endure falls from incredible heights such as in thunderbolts"378 he survived a fall from a 77 storied tower and in thunderbolts"432 he has withstood falling from orbit and endured falls from other heights such as a fall from a 210 story jump out of a plane. he is able to withstand great impacts of force and strenght levels such as in x-men"54 he was able to get repeatedly strucked by juggernaut and withstood a beating from Namor, hulk and the silver surfer without any damaged body parts and has withstood countless blows from the likes of she-hulk and has survived a incredibly brutal ambushes and beating from such powerhouses such as the blob,thanos, doc samson, ares and the sinestor six without any harm. he is able to withstand balistic penetration and has taken 19 grenades in the face without any damage and has withstood being hit by rocket launchers and was capable of withstanding numerous high cannon filled artilary shells shot at him at 109 feet without any brutal injuries. he is able to withstand extremley high pressure extremes and is able to withstand the vaccums of space easily without harm done to him and can survvie without food,water or air.